We Build Long-term Financial Strategies to Enhance Your Wealth by Liberating You From Taxes and Market Losses


To enhance your wealth, it’s critical to incorporate strategies that can provide compound interest, something Albert Einstein deemed the 8th wonder of the world.


It’s one thing to earn or make money. It’s another to keep it. From market volatility to unnecessary taxes, too many Americans lose money far too often. Minimizing risk and protecting yourself is an absolute must.

Perpetuate Wealth

We all want our wealth to live long after we do, blessing our families for generations to come. But passing along a legacy requires careful, intentional planning and it’s not something to delay.

Our Objectives

While many have relied on IRAs, 401(k)s, Roths, pensions, and other forms of retirement income accounts. We use strategies that enhance your long-term wealth and retirement income – without taking massive market risks. We can help you minimize taxes, minimize market risk, and increase your net spendable income during retirement.

LASER Concept Video By Doug Andrew of 3 Dimensional Wealth

Our Strategies

You may not realize that when you reach retirement, you may lose many of the deductions you once enjoyed, such as home mortgage interest, dependents, and retirement plan contributions. And if you’re a business owner, you’ll be losing even more deductions. Although you may have less income during retirement, your taxable income may be just as high or higher!

Retirement Income

No matter how you look at it, paying less in unnecessary taxes means keeping more for you and your family. In our opinion, as part of your tax-reducing retirement strategy, you should take a serious look at properly structured, maximum-funded, Indexed Universal Life policies as an option for developing a
tax-free retirement.

Wealth Protection Strategies

Where were you during the “Lost Decade”? Between 2000 and 2010, millions of Americans suffered from a devastating loss of retirement savings. With our strategies, it's possible to benefit from the market's up-years while being protected from losses due to volatility in down-years.

Income for Life

Too many people outlive their money during retirement. Wouldn't you prefer to maintain your lifestyle, enjoy vacations, and thrive in a retirement of significance and security? Our strategies help you make sure your money lasts as long as you do.

Want to See How These Strategies Can Work For You?

When you request your appointment, we will match your specific needs with a top rated IUL Specialist, a financial professional who best meets your criteria and financial situation.

By meeting with an IUL Expert, you can begin to determine for yourself how the LASER Fund strategies will work for you. You’ll see charts, graphs, and explanations based on your real life circumstances and numbers.